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"Do Doctors’ Hippocratic Oath Count? My Experience With A Doctor"

"Do Doctors’ Hippocratic Oath Count? My Experience With A Doctor"

September 01
16:05 2018

Hi nairalanders, though this happened last month and I still can’t find a way to get over it. But the thought was triggered and I had a flashback to it vividly after I read a ladies post here on nairalanders who spoke about her experience with doctors.

Anyway, Being a doctor might be just more than a profession since they are believed more to save lives. But do they really do that. Apart from the bossy act of most doctors Talking of JOHESU vs NMA and them wanting to boss everyone around, I was want to share my experience of how I finally lost hope In doctors which also pointed out that the so-called Hippocratic oath means nothing to most of them.

I was on an official assignment to Lagos that was 3 weeks ago if I can still recollect vividly. And after the whole assignment etc, I was done and around 8pm I decided to leave Lagos back to Enugu. I was with a colleague so who set out and after passing Arepo (very near berger) I think the town name is Magboro. I wanted to park and probably get fruits to aide me she. I heard a loud thud and low and behold the car behind me hit a man trying to cross the express road. The car (a minibus) was on top speed and the impact even confused me on what was happening. I parked and I saw people rush to drag the lifeless man from the fast lane so other cars won’t run him over and I was still frozen where I was. This was a middle age man lifeless on the ground with blood gushing out of him. Anyway trust Nigerians some brought out their mobile etc and other were pouring water on the blood dripping man. But I was still socked and confused. Finally, I knew the man will give up the ghost finally if he didn’t receive medical attention on time. So I spoke to my colleague and we went to meet the gathering crowds and decided to help this man. We don’t even know anywhere around so we just asked if anyone knows a nearby hospital and hell yeah there will always be a good Samaritan out of every 12. Anyway, we but this man in my car and with 2 other strangers showing us the route we started drubuing towards the nearest hospital in an attempt to save this complete stranger live. Getting to the hospital after much blood was on my car seat we took this man out and called the doctor in charge of the private hospital which I can’t even remember the name but I know its very close to Access International School in Magboro very close to ibafo Ogun state.

Upon the doctor seeing him, he asked who the famiky so we just explained and I realise his countenance changed. He said he can’t attend to him without a family member there. I never knew what the doctor meant because to me the only set of people hospitals don’t attend to is bullet wound victims and at least they must give first aid.

That’s how the doctor started talking that who will foot the bill etc. That he will give him treatment bla bla bla. I got so angry and I asked him if his money is more essential than a fellow human live. Anyway I told him I had no cash but if they use pos, I will deposit all the money he needs because am still going to Enugu that night. Looking at the time its to 9. The doctor said they only do cash payment etc and he can’t take him in without getting some payment to start it. My colleague asked if he accept bank transfer he said No just cash. Haba I got annoyed and I sowed him my ID card when he realised am a military personnel he lower his tone of talking and he said he his sorry they don’t even have any spare bed or the medications to stabilize him. Haba anyway ouyt of annoyance I issued him threat that I don’t even know the man from genesis am just doing my own to save humanity. I realised he was too money conscious so I told him to Bleep off. We put the man in my car again and went to another private hospital. Getting their we had almost same issue. And to cut the long story short he doctyor didn’t even give him first aide or try stabilizing him. He just said I should get a government hospital around. I was so frustrated and I loosed hope in doctors that night over been money conscious not minding an innocent life paying the price with something less than 50k. Fast forward one of the boys said he knew a government clinic at the other side. And we drove their as at then it was almost 10 at this time this man was still breathing though very slowly and he was loosing lots of blood. Anyway we got to the government hospital where I can’t even describe. And I was told to write a statement etc. And before the man would be stabilized, he gave up the ghost that night.

Though have seen people die and I don’t feel any way bad but that made me feel so demoralized. I’d only the first two private bastard called doctors can take him in, he will still be alive. I left the hospital and they said they will bag him etc.

Anyway that night I started my journey to Enugu and till today, my hatred for doctors hisnjust so mega even though my fiancee is a medical student.

This is a true life story that happened 3 Saturdays ago if only I was thinking straight enough to get the hospitals name
Source: Nairaland

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